Los Angeles Update – 10/29/09

Koreatown, Los Angeles

First of all, Thank you for visiting our website.  We are making History together.

On October 20th, our film got a grant from the  Korean American Board Association
(http://www.kabasocal.org).   A huge thank you to our Korean-American lawyers!  We know you put in a lot of hard work, so the DFF board decided to give free entry to Blackberries for our upcoming L.A. benefit.   Now that you can bring both of them, we’ll see you Thursday!

The vice-president of the Korean American Professional Society (KAPS) has also formally invited their members to be a part of the Divided Families Film Benefit.  We heard you guys have over 150 members.  Congratulations to your immense growth in such a short period of time!

On October 28, Divided Families Film had an interview with The Korea Times.  Since Korean Newspapers reach almost every first generation Korean, we consider this a landmark in our efforts to reach out to the local community.  Stay posted for the article.

On October 29th, we had another interview with KTAN-TV as well as Radio Seoul. A Special thank you to Mr. Andrew Sang Ahn for his help and support!

Through all of the publicity, we have been meeting first generation adults as well as young professionals from South Korea in Media.   Both groups expressed overwhelming support for the Film.  We are excited that the Divided Families Film is already building bridges.

Last, but not least, the Bruins part of our team has been outstanding! You know who you are!

Stay tuned for a sneak preview of the Silent Auction Items in our next update!

IF YOUR COMPANY WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE IN OUR EVENT AS A SPONSOR, PLEASE EMAIL US (contact@dividedfamilies.com) BY MIDNIGHT ON TUESDAY NOVEMBER 3RD. If you aren’t sure how you can partner with us, email us anyway.

- Jenn, on behalf of the DFF LA Action Committee